About Us


'C.T.Sunflowers & Busy Bees Private Kindergarten and Nursery Center' is owed by C.T. Sunflowers & Busy Bees Ltd a company registered under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, (Reg. no HE 83124, dd 13/12/1996) The company is exempted of VAT. The center is registered under the welfare department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance (Reg.no. B.292.dd 23.12.1986, and no 283 dd 20.11.2000) located very close to the center of the city of Limassol since 1986,

The Nursery center operates under the law and legislation of CYPRUS CHILDREN chapter 352 of the laws 1959 EDITION. The After School Service operates  under the law ‘CHILDREN PROTECTION AND CARE’ of 1996.

A multinational teaching center accepting children of various cultures, races and religions with English and Greek classes, accepting maximum 15-20 children each class The nursery opens at 7.30 a.m. five days a week and closes 5.30 p.m.. Our morning sessions end at 1.30 p.m.. While some children leave, others stay and others arrive for our afternoon activities.

Being in the Childcare and teaching business for many years we believe that welfare at the early age, in combination with a high standard of education in a happy and secure environment help the children to achieve their full potential and an excellent beginning to the future.

Our curriculum is made in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and is based on the idea of “learn through the play”. All daily activities are based on a theme that changes on a weekly basis. Since 2006 our English classes have had the opportunity of having Greek Language Lessons twice a week while our Greek class have been taught English; an idea that all Parents have embraced.

The center is equipped with a wide and rich collection of indoor and outdoor children games, construction toys, puzzles, art materials, musical instruments and role play areas.

Our mission is to ensure quality teaching by qualified teachers and learning in a safe and happy environment like home . . .