Our Facilities


Children are separated in classes according to their age.

Each class is equipped with age appropriate toys, equipment and materials.

There is a home corner and dressing up outfits as well as games and construction toys, dolls and sit-and-ride- toys for Toddlers (age 2-3). There is also opportunity for messy play activities where the children can experiment with creative materials such as play dough ,corn flour , paint crayons, glue, scissors, collage, water and sand.

In their classroom Children of age 3-4 and 4-5  have the opportunity to have fun with creative materials , books, music, dressing up, puzzles, construction toys and work  towards the Early Learning Goals. There is a home corner, a grocery corner and a music instrument corner.

The bathroom is child-friendly, with the sinks toilets, hand towels etc being within easy reach. This furthers their independence and encourages them to take responsibility for their own needs. Next to the bathroom there is a nappy change area with each child having their own basket of necessities. Staff work in developing a potty training routine.


Children who stay for full day have a rest after lunch  in a separate room with children appropriate beds with sleep mats sheets and pillows.

Children dine in groups together with their teacher in a separate room next to the kitchen , using child-friendly equipment and furniture.

The centre offers a huge playground equipped with a big variety of outdoor games for children physical development through play.

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